What is PanaceAM?

    PanaceAM is a non-profit Foundation and a Socio-spiritual Mission that through teachings based on Education for Happiness, the creation of Benevolent Leadership, and the holistic development of human beings on the physical, mental and spiritual levels, inspires and prepares all people to be free, prosperous and happy.

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    Who is

    Dada Japamantra?

    Dada is the creator and founding mentor of PanaceAM. On the spiritual Path for almost four decades, Dada knows how to make complex concepts about self-knowledge, spirituality, social injustice and life simple. His articles have inspired thousands and his Blog, written in a direct and practical way, will help you on your Path to Supreme Happiness.



    The Awakening of Women

    Women, who represent more than half of the world’s population, after thousands of years of exploitation and suffering, still face a situation of inequality in many areas of life.

    The Awakening of Women movement – focal point of the social branch of PanaceAM – aims to awaken, teach and empower women so that, while maintaining their femininity, they discover their integral potential and achieve social equality.


    The PanaceAM Self App

    PanaceAM Self - Ancient Wisdom within your Reach

    Because most spend a lot of time with their nose on a cellphone screen, we are working intensely on PanaceAM Self, a free App that will be a spark of Transcendental Knowledge that will bring you closer to the Path, that will help you to understand life better, and that will take you towards the Supreme Happiness.

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    You can help us from wherever you are, with publicity, online work, sharing contents or leading a local initiative through social work.


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